Run Your Pockets

Run Your Pockets (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /run-yoor-pockets/

Also spelled or known as: Run Yo Pockets, Run Ya Pockets

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What does Run Your Pockets mean?

A phrase meaning hand over or give me everything in your pockets.

Run Your Pockets Synonym: Run Yo Pockets, Run Your Pockets

Example sentence: “He said Run Your Pockets right after the search.”

Run Your Pockets in songs:

“We made you put your hands in the air, put that thang in your face, run your pockets, we dippin'” – DaBaby, Next Song.

“Got 30 in a clip run your pockets” – Denzel Curry, Chief Forever.

“Live and die by this gun, niggas ain’t shootin’ for fun So run your pockets, we need it” – Vince Staples, Heaven.

Run your pockets, in return, you can keep breathing” – Tee Grizzley, Sweet Thangs.

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Run Your Pockets
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Run Your Pockets