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R&B (acronym)

Type: noun, music, acronym

Pronunciation: /r-n-b/

Also spelled: RnB

What does R&B mean?

Rhythm and Blues.

R&B Synonyms: Rap, Hip-Hop, Manager, Producer, DJ

Coined by: Jerry Wexler

Origin: R&B started in the late 1940s as a term to describe African American popular music. “Rhythm & Blues” was coined by Jerry Wexler in 1947, to replace the demeaning name “race music” then used to describe music primary made by blacks. Billboard began using the term rhythm and blues in 1949. R&B nowadays is more on the contemporary side.

Example sentence: “It’s been a while since i’ve been to an R&B show and heard good live singing.”

R&B in songs:

“Pull a R&B singer, bring her back to South Central” – Ameer Vann, STAR.

“You want a boss or an R&B nigga with a six pack, heh, huh?” – Kanye West, Highlights.

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