Nitty (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /nit-e/

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What does Nitty mean?

1. A local weedman or dealer.

Nitty Synonyms: Plug, Pusha man

2. An idiot or dumb person.

Example sentence:I’m going to get an eighth from my nitty.”

Nitty in songs:

Trapping ain’t dead, the nitty still clucking and ringing my phone” – Monkey, Let’s Lurk.

“She still look pretty when i seen her To me she’s a queen , but a nitty to a dealer” – Nines, Yay.

“The nitty just died in the bando but the cat’s got nine lives” – Young Adz, Nookie.

“Probably got a germ or something Looking good for 65, but this nitty was thirty something” – Ocean Wisdom, Tom & Jerry.

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