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Moncleezy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mon-klee-zee/

What does Moncleezy mean?

A Moncler jacket.

Example sentence: “He bought a moncleezy now he think he got drip.”

Moncleezy in songs:

Yeah, it’s a cold world, I rock Moncleezy” – Yeat, Diëd B4.

Tryna stop me from puttin my coat on This is Moncleezy bitch be easy” – Cdot Honcho, Teflon Flow.

“I know fed agents gon’ see me, I got on bright Moncleezy” – Veeze, You know i.

“Pourin’ drank on my seat ’cause I’m way too up with some burnt-out hopes Put Moncleezy all over my passenger bag, girl, it’s way too cold, yeah” – DC The Don, All I Know.

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