Maccy D’s


Maccy D’s (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mace-e-dees/

Also spelled or known as: Maccy Ds

What does Maccy D’s mean?


Maccy D’s Synonyms: Micky D’s, Mickey D’s, Maccy D’s, MacDon, Maccas

Example sentence: “What did you get at Maccy D’s?”

Maccy D’s in songs (Lyric Examples):

“Jamming with a spliff And yammin’ Maccy D’s in dungarees” – Ocean Wisdom, One Take.

“We skrt in his Corsa lookin’ for gash Maccy D’s and we preeing a lass” – Drilla J, Lonsdale Creps.

“In the Wraith, cuttin’ through my hood, I’m eatinMaccy D’s” – Yxng Bane, Money Make You Change.

Eating Maccy D’s but we never are happy” – RAT BOY, Move.

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Maccy D’s
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Maccy D’s
Maccy D’s