Locsters (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /lowk-sters/

Related: Locs

Singular: Locster

What does Locsters mean?

1. People who are in the Crip gang or repping crip.

2. Locs sunglasses.

Locsters Synonyms: Locs

Example sentence: “He’s a hoodlum, always with the locsters.”

Locsters in songs:

Steppin’ on roaches, me and my locsters Just tryna get over, tryna not get swallowed by locusts” – Nipsey Hussle, Picture Me Rollin’.

“I remember after parties, having shootouts with my locsters” – Nines, Outro (Crabs In A Bucket).

So when I crawl 2000 Benz, just throw me the peace sign And watch the locsters block the rays, when you see my piece shine” – D-Red, My Piece Shine Brite (feat. Lil’ Flip).

“Took it from locally global with just me and my locsters” – Dave East, Child Of The Ghetto.

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