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Loc’d (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /loked/

Also spelled or known as: Loce’d, Locd

Related: Loco, Loc’d out

What does Loc’d mean?


Loc’d Synonyms: Wild, Wilding

Example sentence: “Me and my shorty get loc’ed at the party.”

Loc’d in songs:

I’m goin’ crazy, damn is a nigga loc’d” – 2Pac, Thug Life (2Pac Version).

“Red eyes, no Visine, I’m loc’d out on the drink” – Future, Same Damn Time.

“Tortoise shell frames on, yeah niggas Loc’d out” – Dom Kennedy, Hennessy Beach.

Nigga I’m loc’d, when I smoke, from the indo” – 2Pac, Last Wordz.

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