KKK (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /k-k-k/

Also spelled: K.K.K., K-K-K

Related: The Klan, The KKK

What does KKK mean and stand for?

Ku Klux Klan.

KKK Synonyms: The Klan

Example sentence: “The KKK is a hate group.”

KKK in songs:

“She snort all this KKK, and this broad need AAA” – Lil Wayne, Fly Away.

“I call it KKK ’cause my choppa hate niggas” – 21 Savage, My Choppa Hate Niggas.

“Prayin’ for a JFK, all we got was KKK” – A$AP Rocky, Gunz N Butter.

“All white ones like KKK” – Lil Durk, Havin’ My Way.

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