Hoochie mama


Hoochie mama (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hoo-chi-mah-ma/

Also spelled or known as: Hoochie-mama, Hoochiemama

Plural: Hoochie mamas

Related: Hoochie

What does Hoochie mama mean?

A promiscuous women.

Hoochie mama Synonyms: Ho, Hoe, Thot, Thottie, Bustdown, Busser, Bopper, Bop, Slut, Hoochie

Example sentence: “Your lil thing is a hoochie mama, she let everybody hit.”

Hoochie mama in songs:

Hoochie mama, you know where to stick it” – DJ Quik, Diggin’ U Out.

“I speak that Gualla Gualla, that Spanish hoochie mama” – Princess Nokia, Saggy Denim.

“Yeah, hoochie mama asking me these goofy questions” – Giggs, Hoochies.

“She ain’t nothin’ but a hoochie mama, Hood rat, hood rat, hoochie mama” – Mr. Mixx, Hoochie Mama.

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