High sadity


High sadity (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /hi-sad-ity/

Also spelled or known as: High-sadity, high saddity, high saditty

What does High sadity mean?

To be snobby or stuck up.

Example sentence: “My new girl is really High sadity.”

High sadity in songs:

High sadity meanie tryna emulate the TV” – Smoke DZA, How Far We Go (Uptown 81).

“I’m high sadity to these bitches” – Trippie Redd, Can You Rap Like Me, Pt. 2.

“Stop actin high sadity bitch, chill be cool” – Kurupt, Sadity.

Hit the parking lot, it’s lookin’ like a video, Bunch of pretty hoes, high sadity hoes” – Future, Plastic bag.

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