Head doctor


Head doctor (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /head-doctor/

Also spelled or known as: Head-doctor, Headdoctor

Related: Head

What does Head doctor mean?

A woman who is good at performing oral sex.

Head doctor Synonyms: Throat goat

Example sentence: “She was beautiful and a head doctor.”

Head doctor in songs:

“Telling the doctor I’m sick, head doctor, I’m needing your lips, yeah” – Kendrick Lamar, They Ready.

“I’m gon’ call up my head doctor” – Young Thug, Can’t Tell.

“Hah, emergency only Head doctor perform surgery on me” – Lil Wayne, Mrs. Officer.

Redbone in some red bottoms She ain’t finished college, she a head doctor” – Juicy J, Bounce It.

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Head doctor
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