Hatorade (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hate-err-rade/

Also spelled or known as: H8rade

Related: Hater, Haters, Hating, Hated, Haterade

What does Hatorade mean?

Hater + Gatorade, slang for a punny drink hate filled people drink to keep them hating.

Hatorade Synonyms: Haterade

Example sentence: “Hatorade is also spelled haterade.”

Hatorade in songs:

“Drinkin’ that hatorade, they don’t wanna see me ballin'” – Soulja Slim, I’m a Fool.

“Black mamba, the Lama will blow your whole face away Thirsty ass niggas need Hatorade” – Cormega, Focused Up.

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