H.N.I.C. (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /h-n-i-c/

Also spelled: HNIC or H-N-I-C

Related: H.B.I.C.

What does H.N.I.C. mean and stand for?

Head Nigga in Charge.

Coined by: Prodigy

Example sentence: “I walked in the function like the H.N.I.C..”

H.N.I.C. in songs:

“Let me put you on the hottest shit b, I be the H.N.I.C. of the whole shit” – Prodigy, Rock Dat Shit.

H.N.I.C., ain’t nobody flyer than me” – Logic, A2Z.

“Hero as I can be, H.N.I.C., I’m gone” – T.I., Pyro.

“Why don’t you mind your fuckin’ business, Respect the H.N.I.C.” – Ab-Soul, Hearses.

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