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DSL’s (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /d-s-els/

Also spelled: D.S.L’s, D-S-L’s

What does DSL’s mean and stand for?

Dick Sucking Lips.

DSL’s Synonyms: DSL

Example sentence: “Looking good with those DSL’s bae.”

DSL’s in songs:

“D4L shit, you a Laffy Taffy She got DSL’s, give me top in the back please” – Xanman, Worst.

“Motorola flips with illegal chips Strippers with, measurements of 38-24-36 with DSL’s But money talks ESL” – Ras Kass, Everything I Love.

“My chicks got DSL’s, no buffering I’m raw with the sex game, no covering” – Tim Chantarangsu, Throw ’em Out.

“You from Canada you couldn’t make it to the CFL? Not even the NHL? Aw, he’d rather run his DSL’s but this chopper like a hockey stick for him and his whole Nazi clique” – Calicoe, Pat Stay vs Calicoe.

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