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Flick of the wrist

Flick of the wrist (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /flick-of-the-wrist/

Also spelled or known as: Flick of da wrist

What does Flick of the wrist mean?

The whipping action of cooking cocaine into crack.

Example sentence: “Look at that flick of the wrist over there.”

Flick of the wrist in songs:

“Look at the flick of the wrist right now This audemar cost the price of a New York brick right now” – Uncle Murda, Right Now.

“I’ll pull a sword on you simps Just with a flick of the wrist Get your neck giving up mist Me and Mike skip away whistlin’ and grin” – EL-P, Legend Has It.

Nigga, I could score your bitch with a flick of the wrist Swear that Audemar flashlight like I’m flicking a pic” – Meek Mill, My Life.

“Look at the flick of the wrist I don’t see you niggas getting no bigger than this” – Tory Lanez, To D.R.E.A.M..

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Flick of the wrist
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Flick of the wrist