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Flick of da wrist

Flick of da wrist (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /flick-of-da-wrist/

Also spelled or known as: Flick of the wrist

What does Flick of da wrist mean?

The whipping action of cooking cocaine into crack.

Example sentence: “He made it of his flick of da wrist.”

Flick of da wrist in songs:

“You ain’t sick, you too soft Flick of da wrist and poof gone Party wit’ this tool on” – NorthsideBenji, Too Soft.

“Give you um, infinite energy, or what you did to me Look at the flick of da wrist, your dopeness addicted me” – WESTSIDE BOOGIE, Found You.

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Flick of da wrist
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Flick of da wrist