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Doubled down

Doubled down (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /dub-ulld-down/

Also spelled or known as: Doubled-down

Related: Double down

What does Doubled down mean?

To have continued to do something in a more determined way.

Doubled down Synonyms: Double down

Example sentence:I’m glad you doubled down on your opinion.”

Doubled down in songs:

Yeah, look I doubled down and took every risk, I couldn’t afford losin’ That’s how I jumped in a foreign right out a Ford Fusion Small Ruger, pow, shots run you down like Carl Lewis Or I can have your broad do it, mix your food with car fluid” – Benny the Butcher, Pete Sake.

“Out the window, doubled down with two uzi’s Catch him lackin’, walk him down like he oozin'” – Slimesito, Schizophrenic.

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Doubled down
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Doubled down