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Distro (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dis-tro/

What does Distro mean?


Example sentence: “What do you use for your distro?”

Distro in songs:

“I know a chick that’ll get into character, line man up while she nibble his earlobe Nokia 9010, this phone come like the splits on Distro” – Dave, UK Rap.

“Would’ve took one for the team, wouldn’t’ve never let them frisk you Partly responsible for me graduating to distro” – Boldy James, It’s Possible.

“Pushin’ that loud, yeah, this shit cost me two-fifty Distro’ with Empire, they gave me two milli'” – Money Man, 2 Milly.

“I go manic and panic n ask if shit’ll ever change He was fuckin’ with me when my distro checks were only change” – SadBoyProlific, Walking Through The Rain.

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