Crackas (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /krack-ahs/

Also spelled or known as: Crackers, Crakas

Singular: Cracka

What does Crakas mean?

A derogatory word for white people.

Crackas Synonyms: Crackers

Example sentence: “The crackas are back in town.”

Crackas in songs:

Crackas took my .40 so I’m ’bout to go buy a Draco” – Kodak Black, There He Go.

“None of this shit new, then lived threw all you can do, When them crackas killed V12″ – Robb Banks, Flex (City).

“But you gonna grow old holdin’ crackas hands” – LA Capone, Down To Ride.

Crackas is out with Cactus Albums, blackness is in” – Eminem, Yellow Brick Road.

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