Clappin cheeks

Clappin’ cheeks (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /klap-in-cheeks/

Also spelled or known as: Clapping cheeks, Clapping-cheeks

Related: Cheeks

What does Clappin’ cheeks mean?

1. To be having sexual intercourse with a woman.

Clappin’ cheeks Synonyms: Hookin’ up, Smashin’, Pipin’, Hittin’, Knockin’ boots, Bonin

2. A woman shaking her buttocks.

Clappin’ cheeks Synonyms: Twerkin’

Example sentence:I’m clappin’ cheeks tomorrow.”

Clappin’ cheeks in songs:

“I got Henny with a ho and I’m clappin’ cheeks And I can never tell a lie, I’m the fax machine” – Yung Craka, Fax Machine.

“It’s hard to tell that they’re a trap when I’m clappin’ cheeks They got brown eyes, thick thighs, man I hope that bitch bi” – MC god, Trap Anthem.

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Clappin cheeks
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Clappin cheeks