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Cakin’ up

Cakin’ up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /cake-in-up/

Also spelled or known as: Caking up

Related: Cake, Caked up, Caked, Cakin’

What does Cakin’ up mean?

To be making a lot of money.

Cakin’ up Synonyms: Caking, Guaping, Stacking

Example sentence: “I thank God for us cakin’ up like this.”

Cakin’ up in songs:

“Whats brackin’, my baby love? I’m happy we cakin’ up Cashin’ on Wraiths on buds to stackin’ while laying up” – Sada Baby, Edmore.

I’m cakin’ up, you fakinup, I’m rollinweed when I’m wakin’ up” – Wiz Khalifa, Talkin’ Bout.

“Since I’m cakin’ up, put funds in my safe, laughin’ And joinin’ the blunt passin’ you niggas was straight assin'” – Nas, Nasty.

I’m cakin’ up, the rent is due Plus I got my mama and my kiddies too” – Chaz French, Squad.

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Cakin' up
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Cakin' up