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Cakin’ (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /cake-in/

Also spelled or known as: Caking

Related: Cake, Caked up, Caked, Caking up

What does Cakin’ mean?

1. To be making a lot of money.

Cakin’ Synonyms: Guapin’, Stackin’

2. To have a big butt.

Example sentence: “One day we’re gonna be cakin’.”

Cakin’ in songs:

Yeah, to all my niggas paper chasin’, I pray for your patience Just keep the faith that you gon’ make it one day you’ll be cakin’” – J. Cole, I Get Up.

“Proof’s in the pudding and that baking soda cakin’ Paper that I’m makin’ got her takin’ photos naked” – Rick Ross, Mafia Music.

“Get the paper, man, I’m cakin’, you know I don’t give a fuck I spend it like it don’t mean nothin'” – 50 Cent, Crack a Bottle.

“All this money that I’m makin’, bad bitches and they cakin’ Ass fat, huh, heard that bad bitch was Jamaican” – Dusty Locane, ROLLIN N CONTROLLIN FREESTYLE.

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