420 (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /four-twen-ty/

Also spelled: 4/20, 4:20

What does 420 mean?

A holiday celebrating marijuana that occurs on April 20th every year.

Example sentence: “It’s not 420 but today we smoking.”

420 in songs:

“Still smokin’ at 5:20 like it’s 420” – Big Sean, Halfway Off the Balcony.

“If I had my way at 420 every day you could blaze a J” – Snoop Dogg, 420 (Blaze Up).

“Blowin’ cigsmoke like it’s 420” – Rick Ross, Green Gucci Suit.

“Smokin’ KK like everyday 420” – Wiz Khalifa, 420 Freestyle.

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