Rap Word of the Year 2023: Rizz

As the year 2023 draws to a close, it’s time for Rap Dictionary to crown its Word of the Year. Drumroll with loud 808s please! and the winner is… “Rizz”! This emerging term has taken the hip-hop world by storm in 2023, leaving rappers and fans saying it.

Much like many slang terms in the rap lexicon, “Rizz” emerged from social media, bubbling up in the online and underground rap scene before making its way to the mainstream. The term is said to have originated in the tight-knit rap communities of New York City, where it quickly gained traction and spread like wildfire through social media and word of mouth with the help of rappers and influencers like Luh Tyler, DDG, & Kai Cenat.

The Rap Term of the Year 2023 is:


So, what exactly does “Rizz” mean? Rizz is the ability to woo or impress a woman, similar to “game”.

Rizz also means crystal meth (this meaning is mostly used in the UK).

Rizz has been used a lot in Hip-Hop music in 2023.

Some rap lyrics containing “Rizz”:

“She know I got rizz when I notice her fashion” – M Row, Bad Day.

“I just took a nigga bitch, yeah, I hit her with that rizz” – Luh Tyler, Fat Racks Pt. 2.

“I got the rizz, she’ll do whatever just to get this dick” – DDG, Rizz.

“Man’s dishing out food like Nando’s They’re trying to put me in a rizz” – Dbo, Next Up – S3-E16.

“He’s a snitch like Wiggums (Mmm-mhm) I’m runnin’ with rizz, I ain’t kiddin'” – V9, Drip Drip.

“Could’ve been in the bin if it weren’t for the gloves that I had when I wrapped that rizz That kid got nicked on an amateur ting” – Central Cee, 6 for 6.

“Just got a call from Ian, he said that he wants three B (Buj) Wrap it in rizz, that’s orange, just got a four so I need three G’s” – Digga D, Who?

As we say farewell to 2023, it’s only right to acknowledge the rise ofRizz”. This term has not only been found in many lyrics, it’s taken over social media, so here’s to Rizz – the 2023 Rap Word of the Year.

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Rap Word of the Year 2023: Rizz
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Rap Word of the Year 2023: Rizz