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Rizz (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rizz/

Related: Rizzed, Rizzed up

What does Rizz mean?

1. The ability to woo or impress a woman.

Rizz Synonyms: Game

2. Crystal meth.

Example sentence: “That boy got a lot of rizz.”

Rizz in songs:

“Just got a call from Ian, he said that he wants three B (Buj) Wrap it in rizz, that’s orange, just got a four so I need three G’s” – Digga D, Who?

“Could’ve been in the bin if it weren’t for the gloves that I had when I wrapped that rizz” – Central Cee, 6 for 6.

“How you got weed and you ain’t got rizz Mad ting sad and you ain’t got chip” – Skengdo, Westwood Crib Session.

“Shit, don’t get mixed with this rizz I’m in a blacked out whip, this whip got tints” – MLoose, Don’t Ride Back.

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