Tweeted (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /twee-it-ed/

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What does Tweeted mean?

To have made a post on Twitter.

Example sentence: “He tweeted the album cover art this afternoon.”

Tweeted in songs:

“Your girl tweeted that I was her favorite rapper, I’m flattered” – G-Eazy, Say.

“Rims on my Ferrari, my bitch said that I was childish, ‘Til I fuck a girl, that girl tweeted that I was stylish” – Rick Ross, Sanctified.

“She tweeted about a nigga and it blew me” – Lil Durk, India.

“Since Kanye tweeted telling people he’s bumping all of my shit, These mothafuckas think I’m ‘sposed to live up to something? Shit” – Tyler, the Creator, Goblin.

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