Tenfold (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /ten-fold/

Also known or spelled as: Ten fold, 10fold, 10-fold

What does Tenfold mean?

Ten (10) times as much or as many.

Example sentence:Don’t worry we’ll make the money back tenfold.”

Tenfold in songs:

“I’m taxing, I hit the bank and reload, The coupe, it went to space, tenfold” – Future, DOH DO.

“We was trappin’ out the basement, made it back tenfold” – Roddy Ricch, Die Young.

Stack my money tenfold, make this my new temple” – Rick Ross, Fuck Em.

“How to stack these residuals tenfold, The liberal concept of what men’ll do” – Kendrick Lamar, How Much a Dollar Cost.

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