Tearing out

Tearing out (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /tear-in-out/

Also spelled or known as: Tearing-out, Tearin’ out

Related: Tear out, Tore out

What does Tearing out mean?

To be leaving in a hurry.

Tearing out Synonyms: Dipping

Example sentence:I’m tearing out after this meal.”

Tearing out in songs:

“Thousand dollar step, I’m in that 911 Tearing out the streets in that new 911″ – Young Thug, 911.

“My boy don’t do the body shots, he shooting them shits at your head After I spin your block I’m tearing out, after I spin your block, everybody dead” – Ken Carson, Wockstar.

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Tearing out
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Tearing out