Tap in


Tap in (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /tap-in/

Also spelled or known as: Tapped-in, Tappedin

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What does Tap in mean?

A phrase said to mean call, text or reach out to me.

Tap in Synonyms: Hit me up

Example sentence: “When you’re back in the city, tap in.”

Tap in in songs:

“You gotta relax, the city where nobody sleep Just tap in and ask where I’m at, ho” – Baby Keem, family ties.

“She went to Ross to cop the new Adidas She used to tap in with all the teachers” – Mozzy, Seasons.

“When he hit the city, he gontap in, he gonfly me out to put it back in” – Megan Thee Stallion, NASTY.

“You gotta tap in and learn the way” – Pharrell Williams, Gust of Wind.

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Tap in
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Tap in
Tap in