Talm bout


Talm ’bout (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /talm-bowt/

Also spelled: Talmbout, Talk’n bout

Related: Talm, ‘Bout, ‘Boutta

What does Talm ’bout mean?

Talking about.

Example sentence: “I heard you but i didn’t know what you were talm ’bout.”

Talm ’bout in songs:

“Makin’ rumors saying this and that, talm ’bout, boy, he got a check” – Famous Dex, Oh Man Got Damn.

“So when I fall back he pick up and call back talm ’bout, “bae why you acting so different?” – Killumantii, Single.

“We ain’t doin’ too much talkin’, I’m talm bout talkin’ like a speech, Like the President, I kill ’em neat” – Young Thug, Sacrifices.

“Put a address on that shit, who you talm ’bout? What you mean?” – T.I., Addresses.

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Talm bout
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Talm bout
Talm bout