Sell out


Sell out (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /sell-out/

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What does Sell out mean?

1. To do something not in your character for financial gain; “selling your soul”.

2. To have sold out of everything.

Sell out Synonyms: Out of stock

3. Someone who does something only for financial gain.

Example sentence: “His fans called him a sell out for his collab album.”

Sell out in songs:

“Tell me who rock, who sell out in the stores?, you tell me who flopped, who copped the blue drop?” – Ma$e, Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.

“No, he would never sell out, he’s so hood” – Jay-Z, The Bounce.

“Receiving the prices, we sell out the dorm” – Gunna, .223.

“I’m independent, can’t sign a deal, Won’t sell out for a couple mill” – NLE Choppa, Capo.

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