Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /rhyme-book/

Also spelled or known as: Rhyme Book, Rhyme-Book

Related: Rhyme, Rhymes, Rhyming

What does RHYMEBOOK mean?

A notebook journal used to write raps and lyrics.

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Example sentence: “I wrote some fire bars in my RHYMEBOOK.”

RHYMEBOOK in songs:

“You a slave to a page in my rhymebook” – Nas, Made You Look.

“Look in my rhymebook, see murder like when I was a fan of No Limit” – The Game, On Me.

“Went from Ripped shoes looking through hand-me-downs trying to find my look and now it’s an overlook the water views thanks to my Rhymebook” – Euro, Induction Speech.

“Jottin’ in my rhymebook mad bored this sucks” – G-Eazy, Purpell Treez.

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