NPC (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /n-p-c/

Also spelled: N.P.C., N-P-C

What does NPC mean and stand for?

Non-Player Character; Someone who is unable to use critical thinking or think for themselves.

NPC Synonyms: N.P.C.

Example sentence: “Sometimes it feels like i’m talking to an NPC.”

NPC in songs:

“Learn your lesson, take a seat Pussy boy, you NPC” – ​bbno$, ​sophisticated.

“How others be, but, you an NPC Killing yourself slow, just to stay in line” – E.B., LONG HAUL, BABY ❤️!.

“I flew a kite, I heard your boss-man, NPC” – NAV, Offer Me.

“Everyone an NPC the way they love to act the same” – Roxas, veil.

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