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No rizz

No rizz (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /no-rizz/

Related: Rizz, Rizzed, Rizzed up

What does No rizz mean?

To have no game or no ability to woo a woman.

No rizz Synonyms: No game

Example sentence:I’m not worried about you around my girl, you have no rizz.”

No rizz in songs:

“Tried to pull girls but they said he had no rizz” – Luhh Junk, Timi.

“Too many, too much calls for me to take Never thought that I would it so fucking far Got no rizz no play” – Soul Op, Sauna Test.

“Living in the slums real humbling You got no rizz nigga you fumbling her mamma don’t want me around why yeah Cause I’m troubling” – Ca$h Ca$ino, Driveby.

Bad bitch suckin’ my dick Baggin’ these hoes with no rizz” – OhLurch, Risk.

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No rizz
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No rizz