Nekkid (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /neck-ed/

Also spelled or known as: Naked

What does Nekkid mean?

Naked; To be unclothed or without clothes.

Nekkid Synonyms: Naked, Nude, Bare

Example sentence:Don’t act like I haven’t seen you Nekkid.”

Nekkid in songs:

“Well get nekkid and bring yo ass over to my pad” – Ludacris, Do Sumthing Strange.

“Pathetic on his MySpace page half nekkid” – Common, Drivin’ Me Wild.

“Everybody better be ready to get it get it, Cause I’m getting nekkid if you really want a strip tease” – Watsky, Ugly Faces.

“I might snatch you up screamin’ through the window all nekkid” – Frank Zappa, Zomby Woof.

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