Moola (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /Moo-la/

Also spelled: Mula

What does Moola mean?


Moola Synonyms: Dough, Dinero, Bread, Blue Cheese, Guala, Racks, Cake, Mula

Example sentence: “Let’s go spend some moola at the dealership.”

Moola in songs:

“She know I get that moola, man trappin’ is a habit” – Future, Hey There.

“I need that moola by Tuesday” – Teo, Rolex.

“In my face like Cena so this moola be my soulmate” – Amine, CHINGY.

“I’m just tryna get the money, I’m just tryna get the moola” – Juice Wrld, Fall Through.

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