Martyr (noun)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /mart-err/

Plural: Martyrs

What does Martyr mean?

Someone who died for a cause & is sometimes looked up to.

Example sentence: “The founder of the organization was a martyr.”

Martyr in songs:

“I blew myself up, I’m on some martyr shit” – Drake, The Resistance.

“Worth more than the blood of a martyr, so I’ma Keep it on ’til I see a billion dollars” – Nas, The Don.

“So a martyr is how I paint myself and through my harrowin’ ordeals I’m so vain I want my respect” – Eminem, Fine Line.

“I put my heart in a locker, they love me when I’m a martyr” – Dom McLennon, GUMMY.

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