Hawking (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hawk-in/

Related: Hawk, Hawked

What does Hawking mean?

To be staring something or someone down.

Example sentence: “I was hawking the shoes I wanted.”

Hawking in songs:

“I picked up the profit, the block bitching, bitches is hawking” – Zombie Juice, Bliss.

“Wait, how I get so fly? I guess that’s why she hawking me” – Pi’erre Bourne, HULU.

“To honies hawking, I’m the hottest nigga in New York and I see his hunger pains, I know his blood boils” – Jay-Z, Coming of Age.

“Your girl’s in the crowd, hawking me for a naked flick” – Kool Keith, Sex Style.

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