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Fruity (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /froot-e/

What does Fruity mean?

1. To be acting feminine.

Fruity Synonyms: Gay, Sus

2. A feminine man, usually gay.

Fruity Synonyms: Fag

Example sentence: “My boy is super hilarious when he acts fruity.”

Fruity in songs:

Fruity as Mike and Ike, you’ll get diced to rice When I arrive I pull up like “Hi! Surprise!”” – Hopsin, Crown Me.

“Some of them buss gun, some of them go uni Some of them go church on a Sunday, some of them mash work with a uzi But none of my mandem are fruity Yeah most of my mandem are unruly” – Stormzy, Not That Deep.

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