Four figures

Four figures (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /for-fig-ers/

Also spelled or known as: 4 figures, Four-figures, 4-figures

Related: Three figures, Five figures, Six figures, Seven figures, Eight figures, Nine figures, Ten figures

What does Four figures mean?

An amount of money with four(4) digits. $1,000 or more.

Four figures Synonyms: 4 figure, Four figure, 4-figure, Four-figure

Example sentence: “Rent at a decent place is usually four figures.”

Four figures in songs:

“Momma said four figures, Make it big, no dealers” – Night Lovell, Concept Nothing.

So I sets my sights bigger, four figures or mo'” – Edi Mean, Hell 4 a Hustler.

Four figures on my fit, got me stuntin’ now” – Fat Nick, Staring Is Rude.

“I just did a feature for four figures” – DaBaby, Who? Him?.

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Four figures
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Four figures