Fed time

Fed time (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fehd-time/

Also spelled or known as: Fed-time

Related: Fed, Feds

What does Fed time mean?

Time in jail or prison.

Fed time Synonyms: Doing time

Example sentence: “They gave him fed time for snuggling drugs in.”

Fed time in songs:

“Red wine over fed time, but shout out to the niggas that’s doin’ dead time” – Drake, Over My Dead Body.

“Never ever spit a rap but he got bars now, I’m talkin fed time, yard up, yard down” – Meek Mill, In God We Trust.

Time to prepare to do fed time, won’t see parole, Imagine life as a convict that’s gettin’ old” 2Pac, – Life Goes On.

“That Fed time follow me around, Deep Cover shit, nigga” – Jay-Z, Imaginary Player.

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Fed time
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Fed time