DOA (acronym)

Type: noun, slang, acronym

Pronunciation: /d-o-a/

Also spelled: D.O.A.

Related: Auto-tune

What does DOA mean?

1. Dead on Arrival.

2. Dead or Alive.

3. Death of Autotune.

Coined by: Jay-Z

Example sentence: “They reported him DOA at the scene.”

DOA in songs:

“We was all born to die, nigga, DOA” – Kanye West, I Thought About Killing You.

Fuck them boys no KY with this SK leave them DOA” – A$AP Rocky, Gunz N Butter.

“Mess around, be DOA, be on your way” – Puff Daddy, Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.

Weezy Baby on the mic, DOA” – Lil Wayne, Let the Beat Build.

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