Cocked diesel

Cocked diesel (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /kockd-des-ull/

Also spelled or known as: Cocked-diesel, Cockeddiesel

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What does Cocked diesel mean?

To be very muscular or built.

Cocked diesel Synonyms: Jacked, Ripped, Buff

Example sentence: “Her new man is cocked diesel.”

Cocked diesel in songs:

“The cream in the middle of a Twinkie ‘Cause I like my men cocked diesel” – SWVBlak Pudd’n.

Step correct to the brother with the dark complexion 6′ 1-2 even, cocked diesel” – Maestro Manny, Step Into Da Cipher.

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Cocked diesel
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Cocked diesel