7 digits

7 digits (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sev-en-dej-its/

Also spelled or known as: Seven digits

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What does 7 digits mean?

A phone number.

7 digits Synonyms: Digits

Example sentence: “She gave me the 7 digits before she left.”

7 digits in songs:

“Picked up the telephone, then dialed the 7 digits” – Brother Marquis, Me So Horny.

So don’t give up free conversation, give that bitch your 7 digits” – 2Pac, Fake Ass Bitches.

So I dialed 7 digits to some skins that’s with it” – Madlib, Fatbacks.

“Counting 7 digits no wonder why the money calling’ – Big Sean, Phone Numbers.

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7 digits
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7 digits