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Crumb (slang) Type: adjective, slang Pronunciation: /craw-umb/ What does Crumb mean? A lame or low status person. Crumb Synonyms: Peon Example sentence: “Baby girls old man was a crumb.” Crumb in songs: “Only thing you meet is the requirements for a crumb” – Tee Grizzley, No Effort. “You just a crumb inside a world where […]


Crumbs (slang) Type: adverb, slang Pronunciation: /craw-umb/ What does Crumbs mean? A small, low or undesirable amount of something. Crumbs Synonyms: Dirt Example sentence: “I gave her crumbs and kept the big cake.” Crumbs in songs: “I’m the whole loaf, he the bread crumbs” – Moneybagg Yo, Said Sum (Remix). “Crumbs and pennies, I need […]