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Coupe (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /cou-pe/ Related: Space Coupe What does Coupe mean? A two door car. Example sentence: “Just copped me a new coupe.” Coupe in songs: “12 cylinders in the coupe“- Nikki Minaj, Barbie Dreams. “I’m ridin’ around in a coupe“- Offset, Bad and Boujee. more terms starting with “C”


Couplet (music) Type: noun Pronunciation: /koup-let/ Plural: Couplets What does Couplet mean? A stanza with two lines of the same rhyme scheme. Similar to Couplet: Triplet Couplet example: AA BB CC Example sentence: “The verse had a couplet in it.” more terms starting with “C”


Couplets (music) Type: noun Pronunciation: /koup-lets/ Singular: Couplet What does Couplets mean? Two lines of the same rhyme scheme in a stanza. Similar to Couplets: Triplets Couplets example: AA BB CC DD EE FF Example sentence: “Jay-Z had a couple couplets in that song.” more terms starting with “C”