The official Rap Dictionary App is available now

The Official Rap Dictionary App: Unlocking the Language of Hip-Hop

The world of rap & hip-hop is well known for its unique language and terminology. In 2020, we officially published the first edition of the Rap Dictionary: An A-Z Guide to Rap/Hip-Hop, which you can buy here, since then we have released it on Kindle and now we have launched the official Rap Dictionary App.

The Rap Dictionary app is now available on iOS & Android, download to view the large lexicon of rap words, phrases, and slang that have shaped and influenced popular culture worldwide.

Rap Dictionary App
Rap Dictionary App

Created by the DailyRapFacts team of dedicated hip-hop scholars, the Rap Dictionary App is here to stay. With an extensive database of 5,000+ terms ranging from classic phrases to the latest slang, this app serves as an indispensable tool for understanding and appreciating the art of rap.

The premium ad-free version (Rap Dictionary+) will be available soon.

Features of the Rap Dictionary App

Search our database of 5,000+ terms: From “drip” to “flexing,” the app covers a wide array of terms used in rap lyrics, interviews, and everyday conversations within the hip-hop community.

Watch exclusive videos: Access to tons of exclusive videos of rappers, producers, and celebrities, reading the Rap Dictionary.

Shop: You’re able to shop and purchase the Rap Dictionary directly from the app.

Download the Rap Dictionary App

available on iOS & Android

The official Rap Dictionary App is available now
The official Rap Dictionary App is available now

Why the Rap Dictionary App Matters

Hip-hop isn’t just about music; it’s a cultural movement that encompasses fashion, art, language, and social activism. The language used in rap lyrics serves as a reflection of society, expressing the triumphs, struggles, and aspirations of its community. The Rap Dictionary App plays a crucial role in preserving and celebrating this linguistic heritage.

For aspiring artists, journalists, or anyone passionate about the genre, this app serves as an educational tool, fostering a deeper understanding of the craft and culture of hip-hop. It bridges the gap between generations, connecting long-time enthusiasts with newer audiences, and allowing everyone to appreciate the artistry behind the lyrics.

The release of the official Rap Dictionary App marks a significant milestone for us in the documentation and preservation of hip-hop’s language and our mission to educate on Hip-Hop.

Whether you’re an avid rap fan, a linguistics enthusiast, or simply curious about the language of hip-hop, the official Rap Dictionary App is here to enlighten, educate, and immerse you in the captivating world of rap. Download the app now and unlock the secrets behind the rhymes that have shaped generations.

The official Rap Dictionary App is available now
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The official Rap Dictionary App is available now