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Hoopty (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hoop-tee/

Also spelled: Hooptie

Plural: Hoopties

What does Hoopty mean?

An old worthless car.

Hoopty Synonyms: Bucket, Wreck, Ghetto sled

Example sentence: “We can’t pull up to the hills party in a Hoopty.”

Hoopty in songs:

“Like a hoopty, man, the boy been riding” – Lil Wayne, Shoes.

“With a hand full of hoochies tryna to stuff em in the hoopty” – Domo Genesis, PNCINTLOFWGKTA.

“In the hood, hoopty, hat low, niggas don’t know I’m around” – 5o Cent, Gunz Come Out.

I’m loading up in that hoopty to catch a 187″ – Chinx, Die Young.

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