Fan base


Fan base (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fan-bais/

Also spelled or known as: Fanbase, Fan-base

What does Fan base mean?

The fans of a famous person.

Fan base synonyms: Fanclub, Fandom

Example sentence: “Justin Bieber has a big fan base.”

Fan base in songs:

“Potentials of bein’ Bey and Jay, just watchin’ for my fan base” – Tory Lanez, Friends Become Strangers.

Bitch, I only rap just to let you niggas hear And when we do a show your fan base disappear” – Xavier Wulf, Psycho Pass.

“100 thousand plus, cult fan base yea that is us, my songs tattooed on they body troubled youth, we bad as fuck and what?” – Machine Gun Kelly, See My Tears.

“It’s nothing, I can go after Mase fan base” – 50 Cent, U Not Like Me.

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Fan base
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