Chillax (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /chill-ax/

What does Chillax mean?

A combo of chill & relax.

Chillax Synonyms: Chill, Vibe, Parlaying

Example sentence: “I’m boutta Chillax with my shorty tonight.”

Chillax in songs:

“I’m tryna chillax, but I had to do it, Dev” – Lil Wayne, Grove St. Party.

“It’s two choices, chillax or leave right now” – Joe Budden, Outcast.

“Big ass boy, you better chillax, Send two shots, boy, you gon’ feel that” – Smooky MarGielaa, Running Man.

“We don’t even kickback, chit-chat, nor chillax, believe that” – Lil Wayne, Hush Hush.

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